just me, homie g.

i just think it’s so fascinating that God gave us everything to survive…

food, animals, nature for shelter… an atmosphere filled with breathable air.

but it’s also TOTALLY fascinating that he gave us narcotics…. like, were people not supposed to find out about them or what?

it just confuses me so much….. He said when he was finished that everything that he made was good…..and these things, narcotics come straight from the earth…

i’m no narcotics enthusiast or anything like that… i actually just partake in the spirits but like… this shit is COOL… like He gave us all this STUFF!…






The first time you find out that sheโ€™s a squirter!

Lol I donโ€™t ever get such a positive reaction though.

I canโ€™t even explain how accurate this video is.

where are the lies


I just wanna escape.
Right now.
I’m tryna go back to Africa. If I don’t have Chase anymore in my life then, that’s cool. I haven’t been feeling real appreciated lately and idk why.
Am I just being a female?
Idk. Anyways, I’m just ready to pack my bags and leave. Actually, I don’t even need a bagโ€ฆ just need a flight ticket and $300. And idk, a bible or something.
Only 7 months til I graduate and I really couldn’t care a tiny bit less. I just find gaf.
Just being honest.